Paige Willey ’12, Swarthmore College

"My experience in the Upper School prepared me so well for college that I became the person in the dorm who students came to for help writing term papers 和 studying tests."

It is easy to identify Maumee Valley students.

They are independent 和 curious. They are actively engaged in their learning. They can be found throughout the Upper School studying, 研究, or receiving extra help from faculty 和 peers. Maumee Valley students love to learn, 和 that is evident in everything they do. In preparation for college 和 beyond, the 课程 places special emphasis on:


  • A strong foundation in writing 和 research

  • Critical thinking 和 innovation

  • Scientific exploration 和 problem solving

  • Proficiency in world languages 和 culture

  • Collaboration with peers 和 adults

  • 建立世界观

  • Appreciating 和 engaging in the arts

Faculty advisors who give wisdom 和 support in all areas of school life create a culture of caring 和 个人关注. From the friendly nature of relationships to the small class sizes, 学生是众所周知的, 照顾, 和 respected in a way unique to Maumee Valley. Daily check-ins 和 twice-weekly advisee meetings foster the student-faculty connections that are a hallmark of the Maumee Valley experience.


  • 杰出的成果

    Excelling in 和 out of the Classroom
虽然我们的 课程 does not teach to a test, students are well prepared for st和ardized tests. Maumee Valley Upper School students consistently score above national 和 independent school averages on both the 行为 和 have the highest st和ardized test scores in the region.

2022-2023 Upper School viewbook

创新的机会 严重病例, the 双语印 Program, 和 the Global Scholar Certificate, also challenge students 和 prepare them for top colleges. The Upper School develops life-long learners 和 global citizens. The outst和ing core 课程 is complemented by 跳级 类, as well as by elective 类, 比如3D建模, 文化人类学, 以及国际关系. 

Consistently represented at America’s most selective colleges

Excelling in 和 outside the classroom extends to the college admission process. Because of Maumee Valley's incredible reputation, a tradition of selective college placement, 和 the opportunities for students to participate, 引领, 并与, Maumee Valley graduates are unmatched in their admission successes. We perennially boast 100% four-year college placement, 和 the vast majority of Maumee Valley alumni receive advanced degrees.


  • 75%+

    More than 75% of Maumee Valley seniors receive a college scholarship.


  • 99%

    100% of Maumee Valley graduates go on to four-year colleges.


  • Your Educational Journey Begins Today

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Maumee Valley Country Day School is the only PreK-12th grade accredited, 男女合校, 和 independent school in Northwest Ohio 和 Southeast Michigan.